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Suitable for children aged 5-12 years

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Check out some of the awesome activities that your children can try out:

  • Razor RipRider Go Karts

  • Razor RipRider Crazy Karts

  • Nerf Wars

  • Sumo Suits

  • Badminton/Volleyball

  • Inflatables

  • Daily Discos

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Tri Golf

  • Speed Stacks

  • Football

  • and LOADS more…

(Please be aware: Some activities will be rotated across all venues so not ALL activities will be available EVERY day)

Our coaches have access to a library of over 70 KidzCamps classic games so no two days will be the same!

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    Things to know, so you’re ready to GO!

    Our Rules…

    We do not allow Mobile Phones or Tablets on our Day Camps. Should your child require a phone because they walk to and from camp this must be given to the coach on arrival. 

    Before the start of each course we always discuss our rules with the children so that we can make the most of the course and make sure everyone has fun in a safe environment. Below we have discussed our rules and our reasons for applying these rules to our course:

    1. “When we are talking, you should be listening”

    • So that everybody understands what we are doing

    • So the children have heard the rules of the games

    • It saves wasting time where we can be having fun

    2. “No swapping/sharing your lunch with others”

    • Some people may have allergies so it is important not to swap

    • As a parent you have packed their lunch based on what you would like them to eat.

    3. “Let us know when you need the toilet”

    We will never say no if they do need the toilet, but it is important we know where they are at all times. When we are outside we may ask them to wait a few minutes and see if other children need to go so that we can break as a group

    4. “Think safety and be sensible”

    We always ask the children to “Think safety and be sensible”. What we do not want are children messing about and hurting themselves or others. They are also briefed on safety aspects of any areas that they are using. At all times our coaches are assessing anything that may prove to be a risk, and either moving or eliminating the problem, or making the children aware of it.

    Signing your child in and out

    Each morning the KidzCamps team have a huge amount of preparation to undertake including doing risk assessments, blowing up inflatables and much more, so we would appreciate if you could stick to our drop off and pick up times as best as you can. Doors will open at 8:30am prompt ready for sign in and your children’s first activities.

    In exceptional circumstances we will of course do our best to help if you need to sign your child in earlier than usual, however we must ensure that we are prepared for the day ahead as a priority.

    Please Note…

    Each child will need to be signed in and out each day, and times for both will be recorded. This is for the safety of your child as we follow strict safeguarding guidelines. 


    Following discussions with the Early Years Childcare Team it is recommended that we advise parents about using Insulated Lunch Boxes if you are packing items such as Yoghurts and Cheese, and promote healthy foods. Sadly we do not always have refrigerators and therefore ask for parents to bear this in mind when packing their children’s lunch. We also ask politely that children do not bring along any food containing nuts.

    Bad Behaviour

    Whilst there is always an emphasis on fun on our holiday courses, the sessions will be more enjoyable for all concerned if an appropriate level of discipline is maintained. Bad behaviour may range from a lack of concentration to aggressiveness, and a variety of strategies will be used to deal with it and therefore we have highlighted the methods of dealing with poor behaviour that the Kidz Camps UK team will follow;

    • We will talk to the child about their behaviour

    • We will explain to the child why their behaviour is unacceptable

    • We will explain to the child that it is their behaviour that is not acceptable

    • We will warn the child that if the behaviour continues, they will have to miss part/all of the next activity

    • However, we do understand that excluding children and young people can cause problems with the supervision of the group

    • Under no circumstances will a child be physically reprimanded.

    • As a last resort children may be excluded from camp without refund if behaviour is deemed inappropriate

    We also consider the reasons for their bad behaviour may be due to;

    • Lack of interest

    • Task too difficult

    • Task too easy

    • Seeking attention from instructors

    • Seeking attention from peers

    Positive ways we use to prevent or turn around bad behaviour include:

    • Giving the child extra responsibility

    • Extending the activity to provide more of a challenge

    • Giving the child extra help to master a particular skill

    • Ignoring attention seeking behaviour (where it is not affecting other children’s/young people’s enjoyment)

    • Giving attention in a positive rather than negative way

    Award System

    One of the Coaches’ favourite parts of our holiday courses is the Prize Presentation on the last day of each course. Each day, throughout the week, the Kidz Camps coaches will be looking out for children who do something which warrants a certificate. Things we look for include good sportsmanship, good team work, helping others, entertaining us, good sports performance etc. We always do our best to make sure every child receives at least one certificate by the end of their time with us.

    During our award ceremonies on a Friday we also award 3 trophies. Here is how they are awarded..

    • The ‘Fair Play’ Award:

      This is our ultimate trophy and is awarded to a child who shows great sportsmanship, honesty, teamwork, helping others and playing well.

    • The ‘Most Improved Player of the Week’ Award:

      The ‘Most Improved Player of the Week’ Award: Is awarded to a child who has shown progress throughout the week. We always aim to allow the children to develop their skills as well as play games, and it is important for us to see that they are listening to instructions and developing

    • The ‘Star of the Week’ Award:

      Goes to a child who has entertained the coaching staff and other children and shown great character!

    Lost Property

    Whilst we do our best to ensure that the children go home with ALL of their coats, tops, shoes, lunch boxes and bottles, we still often have some left over.

    On the last day we ask all children to take all of their possessions out of the class room and into the hall so that everything left over can be passed onto them before they leave. In the instance of property being left we will email parents to let them know details so that a claim can be made. We are happy to send any lost property through by post.

    If you can do your best to label or mark any items to make our lives easier it would be much appreciated!

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