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Phone Lines Open from 8:30am – 4:30pm Only

Suitable for children aged 5-12 years

Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellations:
    • You will be receive a 100% refund if we’re given at least 14 days notice
    • You will receive a 50% credit if we’re given up to 7-14 days notice
    • You will receive 0% credit if we’re given less than 7 days notice
    • We must be notified as early as possible if your child will not be attending camp due to illness or injury. You will not be eligible for a refund for cancellations due to illness or injury unless we are able to refill the space.
    • Kidz Camps UK reserve the right to terminate any bookings if full payment is not received prior to the start of camp. A space at Camp cannot be considered booked until full payment has been received and booking and payment confirmed. Any bookings not paid for in full before day of camp will be offered to other parents.
  • Late Collections:
    • All children must be collected promptly by 5pm. After this a £5 late fee will be applied to your account for every 15 minutes until collection.
  • Venue Cancellation:
    • In exceptional circumstances we may have to cancel particular dates. In this event we will try to give those booked on the course at least 7 days notice and will offer a suitable alternative if one is available Alternatively we will be able to give a refund or credit. Any parent who has paid using vouchers will only be able to receive a credit as voucher companies will not accept refunds due to tax implications
  • Photographs and Videos:
    • Photographs and videos may be taken by us of the children which may be used for future publicity or on our website. Please let us know if you do not wish us to video or photograph your child for marketing purposes.
  • Complaints Policy:
    • If there comes a time when you have concerns or are not happy with the service we are providing then you are within your rights to make a complaint. Below I have highlighted the steps that would be involved, and how we will deal with each complaint: A parent will need to put their complaint in writing or by email and send it through to Richard Rumbelow at From here we will investigate the complaint by talking through the events with the person/people in question and respond within 20 days via a written response or by email. We will give details of our conclusion and the actions we have taken. If a parent anytime wishes to take things further they can take the matter to OFSTED.